What is The Book?

“The Book” DVDs are the most thorough wake instructionals ever made. This is the only instructional that was put together by professional coaches, not just professional riders.

The Book Instructional DVD Series contains more content than every other wake instructional combined. The series covers everything you could ever want to know about the sport of wakeboarding and wakeskating from how to set up your board to the most advanced tricks being done today. Everything is presented in an organized format that makes even the hardest tricks easy to break down into their simplest parts. This approach lets you work on skills individually in order to build a solid riding foundation, and has never been used in any other instructional.

This DVD series was shot at The Wakeboard Camp, the world’s leading wakeboard training facility. Only by spending many years coaching thousands of students of all ages and abilities, could we learn what works best when teaching people how to ride better. After receiving hundreds of requests from students from around the globe, Kyle Schmidt & Aaron Reed have finally put together the ultimate instructional series.

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